Real Science and Other Adventures

About the Science for Kids articles

Hi there. For my science-for-kids posts I want you to try things out for yourself rather than just have me tell you things. So sometimes you’ll just have to wait for some of the answers to my questions – that gives you a chance to find out for yourself.

This should help you to learn how to do science. We’ll be doing some experiments where I don’t know the answer either – you might like to come along on the journey with me. You will learn why you need “controls” and how to make “hypotheses”. (These are big scientific words but knowing how to use them is more important than knowing the words.)

I think most of these activities will be easy enough for younger kids to do, but they’ll also help high school kids understand some of the science they’re doing (or even better – going to do!) at school.

Let’s see how we go. Please tell me what you think!

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