Real Science and Other Adventures

Science – exploring and creating

I came across this article on that explains why Science class is not like real Science. Science is an adventure, but to be able to do it, you first have to learn what is already known and how to do lab procedures.

“If you want to explore thmape unknown, you first have to follow a trail to get to the uncharted regions.”

But he does give some good tips for making Science class less following-of-instructions and more creative.

Because Science is creative. Scientists try and explain something by creating a model – this is an explanation of how something works. Then they think of an experiment that will test how good the model is … then do the experiment … then change the model depending on the results.

But I won’t say too much about the article – read it for yourself: “Science Education is Woefully Uncreative. That has to Change” by Rhett Allain.

Image: By User:Lajbi (based on the File:Treasure map.svg by hextrust) [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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