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Helicopters and convergent evolution

Nature comes up with brilliant ways to solve all sorts of problems. There’s pretty good evidence that this happens by a process called evolution. Some solutions are so good that they’re … Continue reading

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Using restriction enzymes to cut and paste

Restriction enzymes occur naturally in bacteria, but they’re also really useful tools in molecular biology. This is because they cut DNA at known sequences. This tool can be used in many ways. Previously … Continue reading

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Restriction enzyme recognition sites – the oldest palindromes

Madam, I’m Adam. A fast never prevents fatness. Never odd or even. These are all palindromes – the letters are the same whether they’re read backwards or forwards. But bacteria invented palindromes … Continue reading

October 1, 2016 · 1 Comment

Peacocks and peacock spiders

In case you missed it, peacock spiders are the new internet sensation. Sydney Biologist Jurgen Otto has made a hobby of discovering and studying these little beauties. Here’s his most popular video, … Continue reading

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Plants – feeding the world

Where does our food come from? It might pass through a fish, a cow, or a factory, but our food first became food in plants. Plants use the energy in … Continue reading

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What colour would you like your celery? Videos!

Did you try out our experiment with celery and food dye? Here are some other ways to experiment with food colouring and plants. I like the red cauliflower.     … Continue reading

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What colour would you like your celery? Part 2 – What did you find out?

Earlier I showed you how you could use food dye to investigate how water moves through celery. Did you do it?! If you did, good on you! What did you find? … Continue reading

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